Heidi | An Adoptive Mom from Minnesota

Heidi.jpegAs a child, did you ever dream that you would one day adopt?

No, but I always knew I wanted children so if that was the path laid out for me I knew I would be open to it.

Why did you choose adoption?

We wanted a family and battled infertility and over the years it became very clear to us that our path was adoption. We feel blessed that adoption is the path we got to go down because it ROCKS!!

Domestic or international?

3 successful domestic adoptions, 1 failed domestic.

Open, semi-open or closed adoption?

We have 3 very different relationships with 3 different birthmothers. Ranging from no contact to very open including texts, videos and visits.

Describe the rewards and challenges of your type of adoption.

Each adoption has been an amazing journey. The biggest challenge has been knowing that not only God entrusted us to be their parents, but so did each one of their birthmoms! (who love them just as much as we do) The biggest reward is knowing that because of the selfless decision their birthmothers made they without a doubt have a life that they wouldn’t have had. All 3 of our sons would not have had a dad involved in their lives and that is an amazing gift that they have been given.

I'm sure you've heard the myths about adoption, adopted children and birth mothers. So if you could dispel one of them – what would you say?

Only 1?!!! Come on! You can love a child that is not “yours”. I even hate to say that, but we have been asked so many questions over the years and without a doubt we would throw down our lives for each one of these boys-they are “ours”. And that birthmothers aren’t crazy! Only the love they have for that child is crazy!

What's been the most surprising experience as an adoptive parent?

The journey that each adoption is. It’s a roller coaster that some days you just really want to get off of, but you can’t because you know in the end it will have been worth the ride. And after all the waiting, the moment you hold that baby your heart forgets each and every second of that wait!

What's your greatest wish for adoptive parents today?

That they spread awareness about adoption in a positive way and know that the child entrusted to them is meant to be with them!

If you could tell your child's birth mother one thing - what would it be?

Z’s mom - We hope your heart has remained at peace with your brave decision.

K’s mom - You are strong and we are proud of you for putting him first.

T’s mom - You know we love you and you rock!

What excites you about BraveLove?

Spreading positive awareness in the adoption world!