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Looking for some birth mother resources? Join BraveLove to be a part of a community of women who have placed a child for adoption. You'll find encouraging stories and information about post adoption support.

BraveLove loves connecting birth mothers because we see how important it is for a birth mom to not walk alone during her adoption journey.


Support groups & retreats

This is a guaranteed way to meet other women who have placed a child for adoption. Check out this list of birth parent post-adoption support groups and retreats. We’ve vetted these, but encourage you to check them out too. Every person is different, which is why we’ve created this diverse list. We plan to expand this directory over time with more details and groups in order to provide plenty of resource options for birth parents nationwide.

If you know of a birth parent support group or retreat or online group not listed, email [email protected] We’d love to learn more about them.

Learn more about post-adoption support groups

Plan a meet-up

Pick a date and then plan something simple and informal like coffee, ice cream or even meeting at the park. Take a friend for safety reasons and so you don't have to be alone. Use social media to get the word out. Post something as simple as "Any Austin birth moms want to meet for coffee this Saturday? Message me for details."

We're happy to help you get the word out too! Just tell us when and where.

Tell us about your meet-up


Obviously, this can be the most immediate way to connect with other birth moms. We've seen the internet be a really valuable place to connect. (But we're always a fan of the face-to-face too!) There are a number of different groups and discussion forums out there. Do you have a favorite you'd recommend? Let us know!

Tell us about your favorite online resources

Being a Birth Mom

Check out the latest commentaries from our Being a Birth Mom contributors.

Not a Day Goes By That I Don't Think About Her — Hannah's Story

Hannah3.jpgThere’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. Obviously if my situation had been better I would have kept her and parented her. But, I knew it was best for her to have the family that she has now. I was really enjoying high school and excited to start my junior year. I was running track and cross country. I was running faster times than I’d ever run before. 

Changed for the Better — Anya's Story

Anya5.pngI was first introduced to BraveLove when I attended their launch party in September of 2012. I was pregnant at the time. When I saw videos of different birth moms sharing their stories, it made me cry. I was so impacted by their stories. The courageous stories of birth mothers empowered me to consider adoption. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was afraid. I didn't know the first step to take. I considered abortion.

A Typical 16-year-old with Focus and Dreams in Place — Carmen's Story

Untitled_design_(4).pngMy adoption story started in high school… I was a typical 16-year-old, with an academic focus and dreams in place. Until December 8th, 2001, when I found out I was pregnant. My first thought, was to keep this child I loved so much already, but how?

How was I going to take care of a baby when my Mom was still taking care of me?

With many prayers, bill calculations, and late-night conversations with my Mom, I decided on adoption. I loved the idea of adoption, it was my only option. 

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