Considering Adoption While Pregnant — Laura's Story

“There’s a difference between shame and guilt.

Guilt is 'I made a mistake'.

Shame is ‘I am a mistake’.

I never wanted Henry to live with an ounce of shame because he doesn’t deserve it. He is not a mistake. He is intentionally here.” - Laura, birth mom

About a year after Laura graduated from college she started grad school to pursue a masters in music and vocal performance. 4 weeks later, she discovered she was pregnant. Being born in the bible belt, Laura was faced with the stigma that comes along with unplanned pregnancy.
Laura began to weigh her options and looked at the pros and cons of both adoption and parenting. When she thought about all that was going to go into raising the child on her own she was overcome with anxiety...

Watch Laura’s Story unfold as she finds peace and was given her voice back through an unexpected circumstance.

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