BraveLove Leadership

Who is a part of BraveLove?

Today BraveLove’s leadership is comprised of men and women from coast to coast who are working hard to use their talents to show the world that adoption is a brave choice so that it becomes a more explored path. In addition to its staff, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council, BraveLove's work is made possible by a number of generous volunteers, donors, Ambassadors, and talented individuals. Want to join the team? Contact us. 

Ellen Porter
Laura Bruder
Executive Director
Ashley Boschen
Birth Mom Program Manager
Alex Hill
Development Manager
Lori Dortch
Board Member
Travis Brewer
Board Member
Bailey Guthrie
Board Member
Mason Randall
Board Member
Nate Foreman
Board Member
Dominique Glanville
Board Member
Jomita Fleming
Board Member
Joey Piorkowski
Board Member
Jamie Kohlmann
Board Member

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