Meet Allie! She's one of our newest contributors to the Being A Birth Mom column...

Hey there, I'm Allie!  I am a birth mother, wife, daughter, blogger, manager and dog mom. My favorite nickname I have is "Mama Allie" which was given to me by the most precious little boy I've ever laid eyes on. I placed my son 6 years ago as of December 2017. I am a manager and artist for a pottery studio in West Texas.

I am a wife to the sweetest and most understanding husband who loves my birth son like he was his own. We have two sweet fur children, Murphy our Boston Terrier and Max our Boxer mix, along with our slew of backyard chickens.

Stepping into the role as a birth mother has been a game changer, I've been able to help young women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy and help other's understand what open adoption looks like from a birth parent's perspective. It has been one of the most rewarding and at times challenging roles of my life. I hope that what I share in this column will encourage and help provide comfort and strength at whatever stage of placement you may be.

In 2016, I shared my story with BraveLove. I also frequently write about my birth mom experiences on my blog called Courageous Love.


Photo credit: Hearts In Motion Photography

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