chelsea.jpgMeet Chelsea (again)! She's our next Being a Birth Mom contributor... 

Hello there! My name is Chelsea. I am a proud birth mother, having placed my daughter Corinne for adoption 4 years ago. I am the domestic adoption coordinator for Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services, near Portland, OR. Besides these titles, I am a sister, daughter, cat mom, fisher women, gardener, blogger and avid lover of the outdoors and the Northwest. I am a Texas girl at heart!

It is my sincere desire to provide services and support to all triads of the adoption experience, and I take pride in the work that I do. I especially have a connection with each birth mother I work with and to say I am lucky to be where I am today, is an understatement.

I shared my story with BraveLove about 3 years ago (read "She Changed My Life") and I am back to share some thoughts.

Being a birth mother has been one of the most rewarding and challenging roles I have ever taken on. I chose adoption out of pure love and desire for my daughter to have the best life she could ever have.

I am back today with a much different outlook then 4 years ago, and I hope someone else out there can relate and understand to what I am encountering today in my own adoption experience.

Thank you for reading!

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