Meet Kelsey! She's a friend of BraveLove's, a champion for birth moms and our newest contributor to the Being A Birth Mom column...

Hello ladies! My name is Kelsey. I am from Northern Indiana and I placed my son nearly 2 years ago. I am the Adoption Outreach Coordinator at Adoption Support Center, an adoption agency in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

I run a blog for birth mothers called From Anotha Motha, I am the Social Media Coordinator for Herrin & Leach Adoption Attorneys, I am an auxiliary board member for the On Your Feet Foundation, and I lead a birth mother support group in Indianapolis. I am enthusiastic about birth mother rights and keeping the standards high for ethics in adoption!

I am usually busy with adoption-related endeavors, but it does not define me in entirety! I spend my free time going to every concert I can, even if I have to fly across the country to go! I am a musician, I enjoy photography, and I love to write. I have a great group of friends that live all over the country, and I love to jet off and visit them. My family lives on a river in Northern Indiana, and in the summer we spend more time in the water than land. Ever since placement, I have taken every opportunity to live my life out loud and never waste a moment.

I have an awesome open adoption. I visit my birth son about 4 times a year and stay in steady contact with his family weekly through pictures, texts, and phone calls. Even though I have a great relationship with my birth son and his family, I still experience the valleys of grief and struggles.

I work with birth moms in every walk of life, and while our adoptions don’t look the same, we are all united in a sisterhood that should never be overlooked. I believe that no matter what your adoption looks like, you deserve to have peace with your decision and a community of birth moms to welcome you with open arms. 

We are stronger together, and you are not alone!

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