Meet the Team: Ashley Boschen

Meet Ashley Boschen, BraveLove's Program Manager, who lives in Springfield, Missouri.  You can watch Ashley's story here.

Ashley_Boschen_2-3s_teacher__MWP_-1.jpgQ:  How did you first hear about BraveLove?
A:  A close friend of mine was on the Board at the time and shared BraveLove with me.  I am a birth mom and there was a BraveLove dinner happening in my area and she encouraged me to go.  I did, and loved the opportunity to meet other birth moms in my area and experience the mission of BraveLove first hand.

Q:  How long have you been working with BraveLove?
A:  I started volunteering with BraveLove back in 2017 and helped coordinate their birth mom dinners.  I shifted into being on staff on a more consistent basis in 2021.


Q:  What’s your role with the organization?
A:  My title is Program Manager so I get to help coordinate the birth mom dinners, which take place twice a year all over the country.  I also do lots of behind-the-scenes work like managing our resources, reviewing prospective Partner Agencies, and helping develop new projects and initiatives.

Q:  What's one of your favorite parts of your job?
A:  Getting to talk to and meet new birth moms.  I love hearing the stories and the love they hold for the children they placed.

Q:  Why do you care about this mission? 
A:  In so many areas of life it can be easy to feel alone. Being a birth mom, I think, is one of those areas. Encountering birth moms who are brave to tell their story in hopes of breaking stigmas and comforting those who may feel alone is so impactful.


Q:  What do you do for fun?
A:  Spending time with friends and date nights with the husband are the most fun.

Q:  What does life look like for you these days?
A:  Busy! We have three boys who are very involved with all the things, so driving them from activity to activity is what life looks like.

Q:  I know you can’t pick a favorite story or film, but which one really stands out to you?
A:  Oh gosh... I've been fortunate to work on a few film projects and they are all so near and dear.  Emmah was super special, Noelle was so sincere, Stephanie T. was so courageous, and the list goes on.  Stories erase stigmas, and each of the ladies who have shared their story with us are so special.

Q:  What's in your Amazon cart right now? 
A:  I'm more of a "Buy Now" kind of gal, so nothing ;)

Q:  What are you reading right now? 
A:  Wrapping up Ordinary Grace, and I have a stack of books waiting.  I love to read.

Q:  Favorite TV show at the moment? 
A:  Break Point has been a go to as of late. With classics like Seinfeld and New Girl on standby.

Q:  Go-to coffee or tea order?
A:  Vanilla Latte or and Iced Coffee


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