No Shame in Being a Birth Mom

Did you know 2% of women in unplanned pregnancies choose to place their child for adoption?

This decision is certainly not easy, but it is loving. To be a birth mom, it takes a lot of heart and a lot of strength. It's a huge part of some women’s stories, but it is not the end...

We want to introduce you to several of these strong, creative, smart, unique, hilarious, fun-loving women! 

Meet Abby

Spunky, lively, FULL of life. Abby is a third-grade teacher who loves her kiddos! Friends would describer her as joyful, driven, excited and just happy about life. She’s recently become engaged to the love of her life. She loves naps, online makeup tutorials, and a good workout at Orange Theory. Abby cares deeply and loves people more than anything!

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Meet Alison

Surgical tech, wife, mother, adoption advocate, aspiring author. Alison is a tell-it-like-it-is kind of girl! Her laughter is contagious and a room feels brighter when she walks in. Alison originally wanted to write a book about adoption from a birth mom's point of view, but 23 years later, when she finally sat down to write it, it’s turning into a memoir, because that's just one small part of her story. There's so much more.

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Meet Lori

Loving wife, dedicated yogi, super-mom. Lori is a breath of fresh air to all those she encounters. She approaches life with a genuine zeal for beauty and authenticity. She’s a master in the kitchen and garden. She cares for people and is admired by many for her wisdom, spunky humor and compassion for others. She’s a mighty force.

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Meet Jennifer

Compassionate, generous, loving. Jennifer has a heart for service and giving to others. She’s a mother to 6, loves to travel and has always dreamt of living in Maine one day. Jennifer has a quiet strength and loves to be around people who make her feel truly understood. Jennifer says being a birth mom has really opened her eyes to new people, new experiences, and things that she might not have really been able to look at closely before.

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Meet Kait

Hilarious, light-hearted, caring, Netflix true crime documentary super fan. Kait is passionate about dogs, (really all animals) and people. She is a soon-to-be nursing student who loves science. Kait says being a birth mom has taught her to see others in a different way, become less judgmental and to not judge a book by its cover because you truly have no idea what other people are going through. 

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Meet Candice

Lover of all things New York (especially Broadway musicals). Candice is training to be a licensed therapist, birth mom to her teenage son, mom to an adorable little girl, loving wife and expecting her second daughter with her husband soon. Candice has hosted multiple BraveLove birth mom dinners in New York and is passionate about connecting birth moms with a larger community.

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Meet Muthoni

Strong, funny, creative, passionate, empathetic. Muthoni has a strong sense of purpose. Her deep care for people has led her to pursue a degree in psychology. She has a strong desire to know how people work. She loves to sing, she loves to dance, and she has a singing voice that will stop you in your tracks. Muthoni seeks to make a mark on this world and loves being a part of something bigger than herself.

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Meet Angela

Loving grandmother, committed wife of 30 years, mom to lots of boys, lover of chips & queso. Angela has a generous heart and values loyalty above all. She finds a lot of peace in practicing yoga and seeks to find genuine connection in relationships. Angela says being a birth mom has made her feel connected to people as she shares her story. She believes there's a purpose and a reason behind her journey and feels that as she helps others, she is helping herself too.

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Meet Andrea

Pug mom, a student studying criminal justice, 31-year-old hairstylist. Andrea has a quiet, but strong spirit and is working hard to achieve her dreams. Her friends would describe her as steadfast and she loves to uplift spirits. Andrea hopes to use her degree in criminal justice to work with birth moms and give them the support they need. Andrea says, “Being a birth mom is a part of my story, but it’s definitely not the whole story.”

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Meet Stephanie

Preschool teacher, mother to a beautiful 2 ½-year-old little girl, fun-loving, sarcastic, Grey’s Anatomy fanatic. Stephanie is passionate about cooking, dancing, helping others and being a mom. She’s been married for almost five years to her loving husband who she says she can always count on. She’s hilarious, has a dry sense of humor, and fun fact - Stephanie is both a birth mom and adopted!

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