Gerrianne 30 Years Later

At BraveLove, we're dedicated to erasing the stigmas of adoption, and a big part of that involves sharing stories that honor birth mothers. As we all know, adoption impacts people forever. The journey isn't over after the decision has been made. That's why we love to stay connected with those who have shared their stories with BraveLove over the years, like Gerrianne.

Gerrianne placed her son for adoption in the mid-80's. She shared her story with BraveLove about five years ago (see here). So we're catching up with her and learning what her life looks like these days.


How would you describe yourself today?

I am a joyful, fun, risk-taker and passionate (about adoption) individual.

What do your days look like?

My primary job is as a Hospice Chaplain. I have no children at home, so my husband and I enjoy each other. I'm home during the week, and on a Saturday or Sunday, I'll spend half days visiting patients. Then, I enjoy the rest of my time with my husband, either going to a movie, bowling, dancing, hanging out with friends or family, or having a good meal at one of our favorite Italian, German or Mexican Restaurants... or traveling. We have grandchildren in Washington State, Colorado, and California, 15 total. Love to visit them and spend time with them.

I also keep my Adoption Awareness page updated with new information and facts to help the triad or those interested in adoption. I recently started a closed Facebook group called "Seasoned Birth Moms." It has 66 ladies on it so far who placed over 18 years ago or more! It has been such a joy to see how they have connected and can relate to one another. I have received so many thank you's for establishing this group. It thrills me to meet them and share stories.


Knowing what you know today, what would you tell yourself 5 years ago?

Get ready, G, you're going to be doing things you'd never expect, and enjoying it. God will take you places you've never dreamed. (I've visited many in jail as well as nursing homes. Been by the bedside of many patients who have died and prayed with many families.)

What do you want the world to know about adoption?

It is a selfless act! It is out of LOVE an adoption plan is made. Birth moms grieve over the loss of their child. There still needs to be more education on the emotional, legal and proper terminology.

What keeps you up at night?

Am I doing all that I'm supposed to be doing? Is there more?

What are you looking forward to this year?

Doing more work with pregnancy resource centers. I think there's more that can be done to explain and educate adoption to their pregnant clients. The adoption option cannot be left out of the conversation. Also, I'd like to do more speaking engagements. I was invited to Des Moines, Iowa last September and spoke to a group of pregnancy resource centers, about 60 in attendance. It got me so fired up to do more!

Read Gerrianne's original interview with BraveLove from 5 years ago.

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