We Love Our Children

“We love our children so much.  We didn’t give them up.  We gave them more.”
-Catarina, birth mom

This message is central to the mission and work of BraveLove.  Birth mothers love their children.  But we need your help for others to know that too.

This National Adoption Month we're inviting you and other birth moms to participate in a campaign where we're advertising that specific message.  Here is how you can be involved:

  1. If you believe and support this message, endorse it.  Simply click the "Add endorsement" button and write any comments you'd like. Or you can text ENDORSE to 469-208-3873.  This message carries a lot more weight knowing that it is backed by birth moms like you. 

  2. Pretty soon we'll begin advertising the ad online and even outdoor (ad shown below).  Good news — you can advertise this too.

    Download our digital media kit here.  Included in the kit are 1) 2 graphics that can be posted to your preferred social media platform and 2) a printable poster for you to print and tack up at work, school, or your local coffee shop.  Starting now! 

  3. Another idea — if you want to see more media dollars allocated towards advertising this message, then help us raise money!  You can do that on Facebook or even right here through our website.  Contact us if you're interested in doing your own personal fundraising campaign for BraveLove.


Will you join with us to spread this message?  Simply sign your name to this campaign for National Adoption Month. Help us get 200 birth moms to back this.

“We love our children.  After much thought and consideration, we make our decision as birth mothers to give our children better lives.

This decision is not easy in the slightest and is definitely not the ‘easy’ way out, but a selfless act of love any mother would do for their children — what is best.

There is not a day that goes by that we do not think about our children...”
-Ashley, birth mom

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