Post Adoption Support

At BraveLove, we believe it’s vital that a birth mother not walk alone because the journey of adoption does not end at placement.

Check out our event calendar with recommended post-adoption support groups and retreats around the country. Most of the events on the calendar are not BraveLove-facilitated events.

Note: Every person is different, which is why we’ve created this varied list. This directory will grow over time with more details and more groups in order to provide lots of different support options. If you know of a birth parent support group or retreat, contact us. We’d love to learn more about them.

What others are saying about support...

"Being in this support group has really helped me through my adoption. I have these other women, who know exactly how I’m feeling, to talk to. They have given me great advice whenever I ask for it. They can tell you what they went through and how they handled a certain situation. I would recommend this group because birth moms need other birth moms to talk to. It’s not that they aren’t able to talk to their friends or family, but having someone who knows how you’re feeling and how they have handled a situation can be so helpful. At every meeting I feel like we are one big family. We laugh, we cry, we can be ourselves with each other. This group makes me realize that I made the best decision by choosing adoption." - Brittney

"Support was something I never thought was necessary for me. Being adopted made me think that I could handle being a birth mom without feeling anything but happy. It took me four years to finally step into the birth mom support group at Gladney, but guess what? I was so wrong! Being in the support group washes me with this joy that is overwhelmingly beautiful. Just being around women who share this amazing commonality with me, envelopes me in comfort. To hear the stories of strength, joy, and tears, empowers me and lets me know that I don’t have to face the world alone. At Gladney's support group, even if I don't need to get anything off my chest, it's wonderful to be able to fellowship with such selfless and influential women. Not everyone understands our journey, but when I walk through those doors, they do, and it’s a completely judge free zone to just be myself. Sometimes we just need that support to grow us, and I'm so thankful for Gladney providing that to birth moms just like me." - Katie

"An active member of a parish, a mother, grandmother, and widow. I am also a birth mother who placed my firstborn child for adoption. One never knows a person's life story, whether that individual is sitting next to you at Mass, standing in front of you at the grocer’s checkout counter, or coaching your daughter’s softball team. Being a birth mother is not something that one shouts from the rooftop but it is a very important part of one's life story. This past spring I attended "After the Gift," a retreat for birth mothers who have placed their babies for adoption. I, along with other birth mothers, was facilitated by a counselor, other past participants, as well as a priest. I explored my feelings, good or bad, acknowledged my experiences, and gave thanks for what I had done. I explored and discovered where life had taken me and what God has in store for me. I was treated like a queen at times with special gifts, quiet times, a birthday cake and art projects. A special Mass/Service on Sunday morning was celebrated to honor all of us attending birth mothers. This retreat healed old wounds and helped me to begin to establish a God-centered direction in my life." - Debra

"Something wonderful happens when birthmothers get together. What once was secret, hidden and buried deep within becomes a common thread that binds them together. During the “After the Gift” retreats, this instant connection begins on Friday night and continues to grow throughout the weekend. In this safe environment, birthmothers are free to express all of their emotions and offer support to each other. After the Gift is a jewel in the Diocese of Wichita … offered as a gift … to birthmothers of all ages." - Carolyn


Check out our event calendar for adoption-related events, support groups and retreats.