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These resources and books have been gathered by BraveLove from various sources in order to provide information that can be used to better understand the depth and scope of the complex adoption issues impacting children, adults, and families in the United States. We've compiled a list of some of the favorites from professionals, birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. 

Note: This is not a comprehensive list.  If you see something not listed that you'd like to recommend, contact us.  Inclusion on the below list does not indicate an official endorsement or partnership with BraveLove.

Books for Birth Moms

If you're a birth mom looking for more information on support groups & retreats, check out this page.

Adult Education Books

Transracial Adoption Resources

If you're looking for more adult book recommendations, Be the Bridge has a very comprehensive list here.

Adoption Memoirs

Books for Children

Podcasts & Radio Shows

Helpful Research & Reports

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