Share Your Story

Have you been impacted by adoption and considered sharing your story? 

Then you're in the right spot.  We believe stories erase stigmas and can change the narrative of adoption from shame to hope.  That's why we keep sharing them.  

Whether you’re a birth parent, adoptee, adoptive parent or someone who has been positively impacted by adoption, your story can educate and inspire others.  Here are some different ways to share:

1. Write your own story

Try to keep it to less than 1,200 words.  Tell us your story in your own words.  We realize adoption is a lifelong journey so there's not an end.  So you could share a certain experience that stands out.  Or write more of a narrative.  Click here to see some examples of written stories

2. Write an open letter

Write a letter to someone who's been involved in your adoption journey.  Or perhaps write to someone you don't even know.  Try to keep your letter to less than 800 words.  Click here for some examples of open letters.

3. Share what you've already written or recorded 

Perhaps you've already recorded your story on a video or podcast.  Or maybe you've written it somewhere else like on a blog or your own book.  Send us what you've done by sharing the link.  Then we can find a way to potentially re-share it through BraveLove's platform.

What about pictures? 

This is key.  We'd love to get some photos from you, both recent and older ones if possible.  After your story has been submitted on this page, someone from BraveLove will contact you by email and request the photos.

Having trouble getting started with your story? 

Here are some questions to help as you begin to write:  birth parent | adoptive parent | adoptee

Need help editing?  

If you're concerned about writing style or grammar, we're happy to help with editing.  We won't publish anything without your permission.  We'll get you to sign a release form at the very end.

Note: After you submit your story on this page, you will receive a private link to a digital questionnaire from us.  The purpose of that is to evaluate the possibility of publicly sharing your adoption story with BraveLove and understand a little more of the context of your story.  We never intend for stories to hurt or harm anyone.  We want them to be a positive experience and a source of education and potentially even personal growth and healing.  But we also understand the seriousness of personal, sensitive information being shared - especially publicly.