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"It takes a truly selfless individual to create life and bless another family through the process. Truly a brave love." - Marti, adoptee
"Adoption is a beautiful, complicated, and messy thing that comes with many emotions. Having the right support system in place is critical." - Jamie, birth mom #BraveLove
"Being a birth mom has changed my life in so many ways and I can only hope that me sharing this helps someone out there who is struggling..." - Leah, birth mom #BraveLove
"Adoption is hard. It is beautiful. It is complex with many layers. Most times I have no words to describe it. But I have gratitude." - Sue, adoptive mom
It was through a BraveLove dinner that Ashley met another birth mother for the very first time. Watch her story and discover what she's doing today and how she's encouraging birth moms so they don't have to go 15 years like she did.
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