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We believe stories erase stigmas and can change the narrative of adoption from shame to hope. That's why we keep sharing them. We rounded up last year's top posts, stories, and videos. So if you're in the reading/watching mood, check these out.
" all the potential birth moms out there trying to find some kind of sign that adoption is the right option; I hope my story serves as validation that you are moving in the right direction." - Leah, Birth Mom
"I thank God that He directed my path to California and brought me to family and friends that loved and supported me through this moment in my life." - Deb, Birth Mom
"Open adoption is not for everybody, but it can be beautiful. If the adoptive family and the birth parents work together to offer the children answers and love, there's no other relationship like open adoption." - Maggie, Birth Mom
"While the adoption process is seen as selflessly giving to better the life of a child, I can attest that it is also a lifetime of questioning the what ifs and what could have beens." - Shelby, Birth Mom
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