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It’s been almost 6 years since I placed my sweet daughter into the arms of the woman, she would call “mommy." Since that day, I’ve felt immense amounts of sorrow, and yet tremendous joy.
Yet at each turn of our journey, our walls were broken down and this theoretical “open adoption” became a real woman. A real child. And, ultimately, a real extended family relationship.
You see, when the month of flowers arrives, a barrage of commercials and songs and questions come flying, “what are you doing for Mother’s Day?”. This is a difficult time for me in more than one way.
"I hope one day my birth son will understand my decision and be grateful for the heart-wrenching decision I made to make his life better." - Malynn, birth mom
"She was so kind and gracious to me, asking me how the delivery was and how I was feeling. She made me feel seen.." - Delora, birth mom
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