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"The hardest decision I ever had to make was also the most loving." - Megan, birth mom #BraveLove
"Some days I am more emotional than others, but I have never felt an ounce of regret about my decision to place him. He has a better life than I could have ever given him and that is what he deserves.” - Meghan, adoptee and birth mom
At first, she had an incomplete picture of what adoption looked like, but then she learned how much of a say she actually had. This is Noelle’s story and why she chose adoption.
Katie did everything she could to make it work in order to parent her son. Six months later, she made an adoption plan. Some time passed, and she was faced with another decision to place for adoption. This is Katie's story and why she chose adoption (twice).
"I was 17 years old...with my high school best friend, expecting a baby." - Mia, birth mom #BraveLove
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