The Beauty and Pain of Adoption

About a month after taking our daughter home from the hospital I was rocking her to sleep.

I looked down and saw a message from her birth mother asking me to “please tell her I love her”. I will never forget the feelings that overcame from that little text.

I felt so guilty that I was so incredibly happy and this amazing woman was feeling so much pain. I felt humbled because I know her birth mother would have been an incredible parent, yet she chose me to raise her child. I felt so much gratitude, that this sweet little girl will grow up with so many people in her circle.

Adoption is just as beautiful as it is painful.

Another mother completely broke her heart by placing her child, and in turn mended my broken pieces, and gave me the gift of becoming a mother.

I wish I had words to explain how grateful I am to her. I wish had words to say how much I love her.

But because I don’t, I know I can show her by fostering a healthy and constant relationship with our daughter.

- Laura, Adoptive Mom


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