To My Sweet Etta,

I’ll start off by saying I am proud to be your birth mom. I am proud that I trusted and believed in God’s word and that was adoption. I know in my heart God had me picked out to be the special woman to carry you for 9 months for your Mommy. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what God is doing (and believe me at first this was very hard for me to understand). Though the minute I met your parents, I 100% understood God’s doings.

Etta girl, you have the most amazing parents ever. I love them so much. Your Mommy is one of my best friends. Now I’ll be honest with you, when I first read about your parents and I discovered that your Daddy was an English teacher I thought to myself, “oh boy, a nerd.” To this day I give your daddy a hard time about it. He is clearly not a nerd though.  He is amazing and I couldn’t have picked a better daddy for you than him. They will always be your parents and I’ll always be ’ Your CoCo’.

I want you to know how much I love you my sweet Etta girl. There isn’t a day, not even a minute, that goes by that I do not think of you. You are so special to me and hold this place in my heart that could never be taken away. I wanted the best for you, I wanted you to have the world, I wanted your future to be the brightest of all. I didn’t care about my feelings, all I wanted was for this little human being growing inside me to have the world that she deserved because God created this little human being inside me for a reason. I know in my heart that reason was for you to be adopted. My sweet Etta girl, you are so special in so many ways to so many people. People all over the world love you. One of the scariest thoughts is that you might think I didn’t think you were special enough and didn’t love you enough.  I’m here to tell you, my Sweet Etta girl, you are more than special to me and I love you so much. Sometimes the words aren’t able to express how much I love you.

I could sit here and write and write and still not feel like I wrote how special you are to me and how much I love you. As you grow older and start to understand more of your story I ask that you do your CoCo a favor…. when you wake every morning will you please say to yourself ‘My CoCo loves me!’

Whatever your future holds always know Your CoCo will be one of your biggest fans.

Love, Your Coco