To the sweetest, strongest woman I know,

It’s been almost over 18 years since our worlds collided. Pain, struggles and difficult decisions surrounded our new found relationship back then. You had been through so much but continued to give without reservation. You took on my pain and hurt as your own and tenderly loved and walked me through our adoption. For that I will be eternally grateful.

In the beginning I felt as though you did this because of the gift I had given you. For years I selfishly went through life only seeing one pain, one sacrifice, and one part of the relationship. Mine. But with age comes wisdom and I am so thankful God has opened my eyes to all THREE parts of the pain, sacrifice, and relationship. People say birth mom’s are the heroes, but you are my hero. You fulfilled the very reason I sacrificed. You made my dreams for my daughter a reality. You were what I was not.

Thank you for the life you have given her. Thank you for giving her your whole heart. Whenever people say “but there has to be a difference between your own children and adopted children.” I can confidently say, they are so wrong; they are all your own children, wholly and dearly loved with your whole heart. Thank you for all the good night hugs and kisses. Thank you for all the comforting talks. Thank you for cheering her on and being her supporter. Thank you for the times when just being there was all that was needed. Thank you for the loving discipline. Thank you for not keeping me a secret and allowing me to be a part of her heart. Thank you for being the mom I couldn’t be.

You have raised her to have love, compassion, and the drive to work hard to achieve her dreams. You have raised her to know the she is completely and totally loved and supported by not only your family but her birth family as well. You have raised her to know the importance of her relationship with Jesus Christ. You have raised Morgan to be a beautiful young woman and given her a life far beyond what I could have dreamed. And for that you will have my eternal love, respect, and gratitude.

Thank you for the life and love you have given, Angela