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We believe stories erase stigmas and can change the narrative of adoption from shame to hope.  That's why we keep sharing them.

As you know, we share a lot of stories throughout the year.  So in case you missed it, we rounded up last year's top posts, stories, and videos. So if you're in the reading/watching mood, check these out...

Most Watched Videos:

  • Emmah trailer - The true story of a 17-year-old, high school student from a small town in Texas. Outgoing and fun, Emmah plays volleyball and loves hanging out with her friends.  As she said, “Perfect in my eyes is having that normal high school experience, being a part of everything. After I found out I was pregnant, that’s not it anymore — I have a different priority now.”  

  • How Adoption Works - Unless you've experienced adoption, the process might feel a little overwhelming or confusing.  That's why we created this animated video to outline, step by step, how adoption works for someone who is pregnant and knows very little about adoption. 


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