Twice Blessed

Proud to be adopted, and prouder still to be a Birth Mother.

Another Mother’s day approaches. An overwhelming deep sadness rolls over and thru me. Sadness that has changed me and as the years go by, this sadness is turning, however slowly, into resolved contentment.

I am an adoptee.

I have been given the gift of unconditional love by my Birth Mother. She was faced with the hardest decision of her life. Newly divorced, rearing 3 children on her own and pregnant with me.

The words, ‘Thank You’ will never equal all that my Birth Mother gave to me. I have gotten the chance to tell her, and for that I am grateful. I was also given the best parents, who will be celebrating 67 years of marriage and have shown me how to love the Lord, love others and also love myself.

I am a Birth Mother.

19 years old, in college in a small town, sick with the flu. No one told us back then that antibiotics would cause The Pill to stop working. I was Pregnant. My world stopped. How to tell my father, the minister, how to tell my Mother the wonderful Christian role model. How? I was devastated because I knew I would break my parent's hearts.

I was sent to the NC Children’s Home in Asheville, North Carolina. I knew my decision was my decision even with all the drama of the trip from MS to NC. I knew. Very simply. God gave me wisdom beyond my years, beyond the pain, beyond the unknowing... God led me to have the courage to do what my Birth Mother had done for me. Adoption. I chose the parents, asking for Family, Faith and Education AND Music to be in my Son’s life. God led these parents to me, God knowing in His infinite plan, this child would have a beautiful life. I pray my birth son is happy in his adoption and his passage in life.

Now 33 years later, another Mother’s day approaches. I like what another Birth Mother said, “Do I stand in Church when they ask all Mother’s to stand". I always have wanted to but never have. Maybe this Sunday, I will be brave and stand. Maybe.

Yes Mother’s Day is hard, but to grow, we have to go through the hard things in life. Yes, a small part of me is still sad. Sad about the "would have, could have, should have’s"…. I have been blessed twice, I have been loved enough and able to share that love. That is indeed twice blessed.

I am so proud to be adopted, and prouder still to be a Birth Mother.

So here is to me and you… Happy Mother’s Day!