Webisode #2 - How BraveLove Can Help Pregnancy Centers

"She has a mom. And she's my daughter." 

In this BraveLove At Home webisode, you get to watch our conversation with Jill Grusch who serves as the Client Services Director at Liberty Women's Clinic, a pregnancy resource center in Liberty, MO.  She shares how their clinic integrates BraveLove's adoption resources into their options counseling process.  Jill also shares how her own experience as both a birth mom and an adoptive mom has inspired her work and allows her to empathize with her clients.  "I've been almost every kind of mom you can be."

Don't miss how she and her birth daughter reconnected.  (It will blow you away.)  Then discover what their relationship looks like today, fast forward 12 years. 

Learn what it means to be a Member, what you get when you sign up, and what new resources are coming out soon. 

Finished watching?  Comment below with your questions.

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