What are realistic expectations to set in an open adoption?

This is Dr. Kacy Michel. She holds a PhD in Health Education and formerly served as the Director of Client Services at a women's center where she educated clients on their pregnancy options, including adoption. Listen to her answer this question about open adoption:

"What are realistic expectations to set in an open adoption?"

Every birth mother has the right to chose the amount of openness in the adoptive relationship, and this is usually spelled out in the adoption plan. However, please know that this agreement will probably change and adapt over time. Some birth mothers don't feel comfortable with open correspondence at first, and that is perfectly fine. Some professionals say it can be easier to start semi-open and then go from there. You will want to seek the advice from your caseworker when deciding the level of openness and also understand the legalities with open agreements in your state. Nevertheless, qualities like flexibility and honesty characterize the most successful types of adoptions. 

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