Will I ever be able to see my baby? Can I name my baby?

This is Dr. Kacy Michel. She holds a PhD in Health Education and formerly served as the Director of Client Services at a women's center where she educated clients on their pregnancy options, including adoption. She's answering questions about the adoption process, like this one:

"Will I ever be able to see my baby? Can I name my baby?"

Of course you can see your baby. Most hospitals actually prefer the 'kangaroo care' postnatal method. This means that you can hold your baby just after birth in order to regulate the baby's temperature. If you decide to place for adoption, the adoption plan that you create will stipulate how often visitation is arranged. Your caseworker will guide you through this process as well. Regarding names, you can name your baby at birth (for the original birth certificate), but it is common for the child to be given a new name upon adoption. If you strongly prefer a given name, you can incorporate this preference into the adoption plan prior to placement. 

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