BraveLove Birth Mom Dinners

Sweet news for birth moms near and far!

We're hosting 5 birth mom dinners in 5 cities all on the same night -- Tuesday, November 1st!

We've intentionally planned these dinners on the 1st of the month so that we can kickoff National Adoption Month celebrating birth moms first... since that's where adoption starts. 

For the birth moms attending, we encourage you to invite a guest who has been an advocate TO YOU throughout your adoption journey. This will be a casual evening with one goal in mind...connection. 

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Denver  |   Dallas   |   Houston  |   Nashville   |   Spartanburg


Will you have dinners in other cities beyond these 5? 

This year we're only hosting these dinners in these specific cities. But that doesn't mean if you live elsewhere, you can't have or host your own dinner. If anything, we would love to see more dinners pop up on this night. We encourage you to take this opportunity to gather the birth moms in your area on November 1st! It's as simple as connecting with another birth mom over a meal. If you do gather together (and feel comfortable), snap a photo and tag BraveLove on social media (@JoinBraveLove or #BraveLove) so we can show how we're all in this together. 

What are the dinners like?

Most of the dinners will be hosted by a birth mom and a few are being hosted by a BraveLove staff member. Some of the dinners will be out at restaurants, others will be hosted in people's homes. We're anticipating about 20-30 people total to attend each dinner. But the night is simple - it's about enjoying a meal together and connecting with another birth mom so you know that you're not alone in this adoption journey. There's no pressure to share your adoption story. No pressure to do anything but show up and enjoy the night. For those who plan to attend, dinner hosts will communicate to guests in advance to confirm that they're still planning to attend and also to find who is joining as their guest.

Who should I bring as my guest?

Invite a guest who has been an advocate to you throughout your adoption journey. We realize that everyone's story is different. Though out of respect for others who may be involved in a more closed adoption, please refrain from inviting someone from within your adoption triad (your child's adoptive parent or your child). These specific dinners are reserved for honoring birth moms.  Also, these dinners are for adults only - no kids, please.

How do you RSVP?

It's all online. If you're a birth mom and live in one of the cities listed above, then we'd love for you to consider coming to dinner. To RSVP, click on the city link below. That will take you to the page where you RSVP. We encourage everyone to bring a guest that's been supportive throughout your adoption journey. We will follow up as it gets closer to confirm who is joining you. 

Want to help and support in some way?

If you're not a birth mom but want to be a part of these dinners, then contact us to learn more about becoming a sponsor and other ways you can show your support. 

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