A Laborer of Love

To all the birth mothers, I hold you close. Our birth mother birthed my daughter. She made me a mother and I will be eternally grateful to her.

In that gratefulness, I see and wholeheartedly remember her sacrifice in all the ways she poured into our daughter during pregnancy. She labored emotionally and spiritually into my daughter’s heart while she was in the womb. She labored physically during her birth and brought her into the world in all of the beautifully hard ways.

She is a laborer of love.

Before we met, we were both praying for each other without knowing it. She was praying for a mom-to-be with an empty womb to raise a daughter and I was praying for a birth mother carrying a little girl who needed a reminder of hope. We were both parallel in our journey 

emotionally and spiritually. We were laboring in love for this little girl who was yet to be born—to say this child is the most sacred part of this journey.

The adoption journey is a sacred place. It doesn’t depend which side of the situation you are on, it is hard, sacred, and unique.

We both knew with a peaceful presence that we carried each other’s hearts, which ultimately carried the little girl’s heart. We carried each other in the midst of the journey and in the midst of both of our longings--we had each other to walk the hard places with. We both held this little girl’s life in our hands and in our hearts with gentleness, courage, and God-given strength together.

In all the ways, our birth mother chose our daughter before herself. It is her who sacrificed and labored through it all. And that is the glimpse of our birth mother, a courageous woman and a true laborer of love. 



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