Adoption is Life Changing: Leah's Story Update

Hello, fellow birth moms!

Also, hello to all the potential birth moms out there trying to find some kind of sign that adoption is the right option. I hope my story serves as validation that you are moving in the right direction.

I wanted to share an update from my absolutely beautiful adoption story. My name is Leah and I placed my 3rd child, who is now the beautiful and terrorizing ago of two. Today I got to see him and play with him. I got to spend time with his adoptive mom, Momma K. Life sort of went dark for me for a while. Out of pure love and respect for my adoptive parents and OUR son, I kept my darkness away. Now that I have managed to crawl out of that hole and find the light again, I reached out to Momma K and there was no hesitation or discontent in our reunion.

She is always so thrilled to hear from me regardless of how much time has passed.

We arranged to meet so we could spend some time together. I had some slight hesitation about how I would internally react if our son was shy or reserved, but I pushed through that because I knew in my heart it would be okay. And it was!! We played at the park, watched the ducks and turtles, and I got to see how amazing he is doing. I love seeing how much of a relationship they have created as an adoptive family.

It was an amazing reminder that I did the best possible thing I could have done when I placed. 

Right there, at the end of our visit, a little part of me thinks things started clicking with him in his little mind. Our bond, the one I ever so gratefully had the opportunity to create with my son, is still there!! And that is something that I will forever hold on to. I say all of this in hopes to reach a reluctant, expectant mother that feels uncertain about taking the next step. I believe the family I chose to adopt my son was placed on this planet for my adoption.

I gave birth to OUR son for them. All of my suffering and hardships serve a purpose, so I can be and remain humble. So, I have the strength and courage to tell my story. My relationship with my family means more than to me than words can explain and I could not be more grateful for that peace and contentedness that it brings me.

Adoption is beautiful. In my experience, it is life changing for everyone involved and it deserves to be shared as such.

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Have you been impacted by adoption like Leah? 
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