Editorial Guide

Hi there! 

You have been handpicked to contribute to our new editorial section on BraveLove.org. Why? Because we believe you have valuable insight and perspective, so we are asking – will you contribute it to BraveLove.org?

This editorial section is not intended to feature specific adoption stories, but rather is a place that gives an opinion on a topical issue. Birth moms are the primary editorial contributors for this section on BraveLove.org.

The Audience:

Because of our mission to change the perception of adoption, our audience is inherently broad. We want to change perceptions surrounding adoption and empower women to choose adoption when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. We want the world to see adoption for what it is today – a brave choice. Our audience includes, but is not limited to, birth parents, future birth parents, as well as her friends and family. Other readers may include adoptive parents, adoptees, educators and professionals.

Our readers include people from all walks of life and faith backgrounds. We're open to mentions of your personal faith and beliefs, but ask you to please refrain from using this platform to promote them, considering we're not a faith-based organization. That said, you are certainly welcome to make reference to your personal faith, but we would ask that it not be the primary focus of the article.  

Submission/Approval Process:

Once you have landed on an article topic, you will be given an initial draft deadline. Upon completion e-mail your submission/draft to BraveLove Project Manager, Leigh Liebmann. From here, BraveLove staff will make adjustments to the post for clarity, grammar, and style. If more significant edits are needed, the post will be returned to you with notes and suggestions. Please be respectful of deadlines and communicate with us if something is going to be late.


BraveLove will moderate the comments section of posts provided by guest bloggers. Please keep in mind that anyone who follows the BraveLove Facebook page or has access to BraveLove.org has the ability to comment. Though we reserve the right to ban users or delete any comments that do not align with our mission in order to provide a positive, hopeful, informative environment for those who follow our page. We are publishing your words because we want your voice to be heard. Note: If you would like readers to engage with you directly, please specify this with your submission, and we will make that available to the readers by way of BraveLove staff moderation.

When will my article be published?

The timing of your post will depend on BraveLove’s content calendar. We will try our best to publish your article in a timely manner, but please be patient with us as sometimes we plan for content months in advance.

Who owns this article?

The blog content you create is jointly owned by you and BraveLove and will have your name in the byline. The post should be original content when it is initially posted to the BraveLove website (while it may be modified from past content, it should not be identical to content previously used elsewhere). Both you and BraveLove may adapt and reuse the content in the future. Factual assertions must be cited to credible sources. For example, if you say that the abortion rate is X per 1,000 women, you must provide a citation that backs up your assertion.

How long should the entry be?

Between 500 and 1000 words is usually optimal, but research suggests that even longer posts may work well, if the content is substantive and interesting to readers. The maximum length for posts on this site is 1200 words. You should provide enough content to draw readers in and inform them about your topic but not so much that they are overwhelmed or lose interest.

What should I write about?

A topic you care about, something you’ve learned, something relevant and timely to today’s world. This editorial section is not intended to feature your specific adoption story. Rather it’s a place to express opinions, perspectives and ideas that further BraveLove’s mission to change the perception of adoption. 

Here are some suggested article topics & titles (in no particular order)…
  • I'm not best friends with my child's adoptive parents – is that OK? 
  • 5 things all birth moms are tired of hearing
  • Navigating the waters of a very open adoption
  • Why birthdays are the best and worst
  • What do you do on the really hard days
  • How to deal when the people around you just don't get it
  • How do you answer the question ‘how many kids do you have?’
  • The value of connecting with another birth mom
  • What were some of the best and worst things said to you while you were pregnant and/or after you placed?
  • Grief - how to differentiate between sadness and regret
  • When to drop the 'I'm a birth mom' while dating someone
  • Being a birth mom is part of my story - it's not my whole identity
  • What it was like walking out empty-handed
  • Hospital stay - the make or break of an adoption experience?
  • The value of positive adoption language
  • Wrestling with the guilt of moving on
  • Adoption reform – what actually needs to change
  • Movie reviews – the good, the bad and the ‘could-be-better’
  • What you wish you had known then that you know today
  • How social media is blurring the lines of open adoptions
  • I'm not best friends with my child's adoptive parents – is that OK?

More questions? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!