Maternal Mental Health

emilym.jpegHello, my name is Emily Morehead, and I am a Psychotherapist in Texas.  I specialize in working in the Infertility and Adoption Community.  I recently had the opportunity to speak at Postpartum Support International's Conference with my presentation "Serving in the Adoption Community - A Clinician's Guide to Psychotherapy with Expectant and Birth Parents."  The room was filled with medical providers, psychotherapists, doulas, lactation consultants and even a few adoptive parents who had overlapping roles.

The presentation allowed collaborative discussion with practical application in how to serve women who are considering adoption as well as women who have made an adoption plan.  The number one takeaway that each participant left with was that birth mothers are mothers - like any other mother and deserve respect and adoption-informed care to allow them to process, integrate, and grieve throughout their lifespan.

BraveLove_Manifesto_2022-1_(1).jpgI frequently look to BraveLove for resources to empower my clients.  When I reached out to Laura and her team about how to share these resources on an international level she immediately jumped into the conversation with me and connected me with phenomenal tools, take-home resources and communication pieces that I could share.  As a therapist I specifically love BraveLove's Manifesto which provided the opportunity for all attendees to continue the conversation of birth mother care in their own practices and communities. 

This has also been a impactful piece that I've been able to use with my clients as they consider the option of adoption or grieve after placement.  It honors their joy and pain while reminding them the beauty and empowerment of their decision. 

Thank you BraveLove for the resources and tools to allow deeper conversations around the importance of maternal mental health and birth mothers.

Are you a mental health professional?  If so, contact us.  We'd love to share our resources with you.

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