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Sadly, the stigmas surrounding adoption still exist today, and it's not uncommon to hear this:

"People will think I’m awful. Will I ever see my baby again? I could never do that."

As a result, less than 2% of unplanned pregnancies result in adoption.

We need your help to erase the stigmas so people know about adoption today. 

We’re a group of passionate individuals who want to empower women in unplanned pregnancies with the information they need to consider adoption as an option. We need the support of individuals like you who want to see our media campaigns and resources reach those who may need them most.

If you join our efforts with a minimum donation of $10, we’ll show our gratitude by sending you a FREE BraveLove bumper sticker that you can display to spread this positive adoption message.


Will you help us erase the stigmas and spread the message that adoption is a brave love?