Where we’ve been in 2012…

BraveLove in 2012

2012 has been a great year, and we have you to thank this Christmas. We’re excited by some of these recent accomplishments made possible by your belief in our mission. Before we kickoff a new year, let’s look back.

Here’s what you helped us accomplish:

  • Already 10,385 views (and counting) from our BraveLove videos.
  • Facebook and Twitter fans & followers keep increasing. Are you a fan? If not, you should follow today.
  • Organizations are donating a portion of their profits to BraveLove because they believe in our mission.
  • Members of the BraveLove Club are raising awareness about adoption within their high school. They even threw a bake sale last week (“Bake for BraveLove”) where they raised money for BraveLove’s 2013 initiatives.
  • Women and men are sharing their adoption stories with us through letters, Q&A’s, and videos.
  • We believe adoption support has no border. And Facebook proved this when we asked where everyone was from. Our Facebook fans hail from Texas, Minnesota, New York, Louisiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and even O Canada!

The word about BraveLove is starting to spread beyond Dallas. Thank you for helping make this possible. Merry Christmas!