What if my headcount exceeds 10 people? How do I handle a waitlist?


The online registration limits how many people can actually RSVP. You will be notified by a team member from BraveLove once your headcount exceeds 10 people.

Typically we allow a few extra people to RSVP beyond the limit, and then we notify you once guest #11 RSVPs. At that point, you need to contact the guest immediately to let them know they're on the waitlist. Same with guest #12, 13, 14...etc. You can reassure them you'll let them know once space becomes available. This is where new (versus returning) guests get priority on the waitlist.

If you're uncomfortable with a waitlist and would prefer to open your dinner to an unlimited number of guests, then let us know. But you would be taking on that additional cost for the extra guests. 

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