Typically every fall, we gather with 200+ friends in the Dallas area for our annual fundraising party.  But we all know 2020 is unlike any year to date. So this year anyone is invited to the experience as we showcase our latest work on Thursday, November 12th.

To make this event extra special, we need your help to spread the word and invite your friends.  Will you consider joining our Host Committee?

What to expect at this year's event:

This is the one night where the entire BraveLove community can come together online.  Tune in and watch as BraveLove shares the impact of its work across America.  In addition to the virtual program, there will be select, in-home watch parties scattered across the country where guests can enjoy wine tasting by Scout & Cellar and engaging conversations about adoption today. 

So whether you enjoy the evening by yourself OR at a private watch party, everyone is invited to join the movement and be a part of something big.


Here is what it means to be on the Host Committee:

hearticon.jpgI believe in the mission of BraveLove and want to help expand its community nationwide.  I want to introduce my friends and family to the work of BraveLove and inspire them to get involved — or stay involved!

hearticon.jpgI am available Thursday, November 12th to host a BraveLove watch party.  I will open my home to 6-10 friends/family on the evening of November 12th (either inside my home OR out on the patio). 

hearticon.jpgI am happy and willing to briefly share with my guests why I care about BraveLove's mission.  I will commit to tuning into the virtual program and sharing the provided materials with my guests (materials enclosed in Host Kit).  I will also spread the word about this event to my friends/family who are *not* local and encourage them to tune in online on November 12th.

hearticon.jpgI understand that this is a fundraising event with the goal of raising money for BraveLove.  I will make a donation to BraveLove to help underwrite this event and support BraveLove's work (select your preferred Host level below).  I also understand that it's not my direct responsibility to ask my guests to donate.  Instead, BraveLove will ask them to get involved during the program.

Select your Host Committee level:

hearticon.jpgMINI HOST — "I will invite a few friends over to watch with me.  Just mail me the BraveLove Host Kit — no wine." 

The suggested donation for the Mini Host is $150.

hearticon.jpgHOST "I will invite friends over.  Mail me the Host Kit and Scout & Cellar wine so we can enjoy it before and during the watch party.  I will be in charge of the food for my guests and understand that BraveLove will reimburse me for a portion of it." 

The suggested donation for the Host is $350.

hearticon.jpgSUPER HOST "Send me the Host Kit and the wine. PLUS I'd love to do a wine tasting experience that night with a local Scout & Cellar consultant.  I'll handle the food and understand BraveLove will reimburse me for it." 

The suggested donation for the Super Host is $600.

Note: Give what you can. The suggested donation is only a suggestion.

I'm ready to make my Host Committee donation!

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9032653403_3eb6c7970b_o.jpgThe Questions

What does it mean to be on the Host Committee?

We will have Hosts all across the country inviting their friends and family into their homes to learn more about BraveLove.  It's like a happy hour plus a watch party meets a fundraiser.  Everyone will tune in at the same time to learn about the mission and work of BraveLove.  You can expect great wine, good conversations, and a compelling virtual program. So you don't want to miss it.

We want this to be a meaningful experience for you and your guests. We also want to make it safe and easy to plan.  All Hosts will be equipped with a Host Kit and a Guide for the Night.

What's in the Host Kit?

The BraveLove Host Kit is a physical package that will be mailed to all Hosts prior to the event.  It will include BraveLove brochures, pens, some signage, and swag to set out and share with your guests.  The Kit will also include a hard copy of the Guide for the Night

What's in the Guide for the Night?

This includes recommendations on how to be prepared for the night — from food recommendations to tech setup.  It also outlines a schedule for the evening.  All Hosts will receive the Guide for the Night prior to November 12th.  Though a hard copy will also be enclosed with the Host Kit.

How and when do I invite my friends?

First, there are two groups of people:  1) those who are local that you will be inviting into your home for the watch party, and then 2) those who you just want to encourage to tune in from wherever they are.  BraveLove will provide you with an invitation graphic by October 1st to either text or email to the friends that you'd like to invite as your watch party guests.  For your other friends, we encourage you to spread the word 2 weeks prior to the event... so around November 1st.

Will someone from BraveLove be at my watch party?

No, we wish we could be everywhere at once. But that's why we're partnering with you to host. 

How will I play/show the program in my home?  Will I need any extra equipment?

We recommend you play the virtual program on your TV so your guests can easily watch it together.  You will get a link to play the program, which will be broadcasted to YouTube and Facebook. So you can pick your preferred platform.  If you have a smart TV, then it's an easy setup. If you don't, it's still not a problem. You can plug a laptop into your TV with an HDMI cable. We'll provide you with those instructions in the Guide for the Night and give you plenty of notice just in case you need to grab a new cable or adapter.

What time does the program start?

This is the tricky part. There's no perfect time for a national event like this since people will be tuning in from coast to coast. We're planning on the virtual program to start promptly at 8 pm CST.  That means invite your friends over as early as 6:30 pm or 7 pm CST so you have time to enjoy your food, drinks, and conversation. 

How long will the virtual program last?

It will last no longer than 45 minutes. You'll be done before 9 pm CST.

What is Scout & Cellar?  Do I get to pick my wine?

Scout & Cellar is a wine company that curates clean-crafted wine from all over the world. Check out their website here.

Keeping in mind that people have different taste preferences, we have thoughtfully picked out all of the wine varieties. So you'll get a little bit of everything.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to pick your own wine.  But we'll make sure you have options and enough for up to 10 people! 

Will BraveLove select a Scout & Cellar consultant to come to my home, or am I responsible for organizing that?

If you choose to be a Super Host and want a Scout & Cellar consultant to do a wine tasting with your group that evening, we (BraveLove) will coordinate that. You don't have to do anything except open your home.

Is BraveLove providing the food?

BraveLove is technically not catering.  But if you choose to be a Host or Super Host, BraveLove will reimburse you for your food up to a certain amount ($50 for Host, $100 for Super Host). You can keep it simple with heavy hors d'oeuvres or dessert. It's up to you! We'll share food and wine pairing recommendations so you're not lost. 

What do I do with my guests before the video program starts?

That's what the Guide for the Night is for.  We will provide you with a schedule for the night so you know when to get things rolling. Before the virtual program begins though, this is the time to enjoy your food and drinks. Within your Kit, there will be BraveLove Table Topic questions, which are essentially icebreaker questions for your group so you can help prepare people for what they're going to experience during BraveLove's virtual program. We've carved out a few minutes for you to briefly share with your friends why you care about BraveLove.  They want to know that — that's probably a big part of why they said YES to coming.  They care about you and want to know why you care about this adoption cause.  Again, we will give you guidance on what to say.

As the Host, you'll want to be mindful of your timing especially if you're serving dinner. The virtual program will begin promptly at 8 pm CST. Like any good watch party, you'll want your guests seated and comfortable so everyone can enjoy it.

What about childcare? Will the program be kid-friendly?

We'll leave that decision up to you.  But if possible, treat this watch party as a special occasion for you and your guests!  So maybe that means people handle their own childcare and schedule babysitters. Or if you allow your guests to bring their kids, then we'd recommend you find an activity for them in another room.  Ideally, we want minimal distractions during the 45-minute virtual program so that we have you and your guests' undivided attention.

You know BraveLove's subject matter — unplanned pregnancies, abortion, and other sensitive topics could be mentioned. Use your discretion as to what's age-appropriate.

Note: If kids are going to be around, please let us know so that we can include some extra surprises in your Host Kit.

What's the attire?

This is in your home so we'll let you make that call. If you want to have fun and encourage people to dress up, you can do that! If you want to make it easy and approachable, then go with something casual. It is a special occasion so we'd say festive casual – whatever that means to you.

Are we required to donate to be on the Host Committee?

Not required. Though we'd love your financial support especially since there are expenses involved to make this event happen. All we ask is that you give what you can. There are suggested donation amounts for each Host Committee level. If you want to donate more than what's suggested, we welcome that! If you're unable to give the suggested amount, we also completely understand. 

What if I have to cancel my watch party due to illness? Or what if I need to change my Host level?

It happens!  That's why we've designed this event to be flexible. If you have to cancel due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, you and your guests can still tune in and watch remotely.  Please be in touch with us though if this happens.  We'd love to give you some ideas on how to make sure your guests don't miss it. 

If you need to change your Host level (example: from Super Host to Host), just let us know as soon as possible and we'll make arrangements.

Ready to join the Host Committee?  Send us an email at [email protected].

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