It’s National Adoption Day!

National Adoption Day

For those who have been tracking with us recently, you know it’s National Adoption Month. For the rest of you, start following today. We’ve been sharing some beautiful adoption stories, videos and Q&A’s. The good news - November isn’t over yet so there’s more to come.

The even better news is that TODAY is officially National Adoption Day, which means we (and other agencies and organizations around the country) are collectively celebrating nearly 40,000 children move from foster care to forever families. If you want to read more about National Adoption Day, visit this website for more details.

In celebration of National Adoption Day, BraveLove has unveiled a new video called The Gift, which has been so graciously shared with us. Two suggestions: 1) Set aside 10 minutes and watch; it’s worth every minute. 2) Find some Kleenex. You will come away wanting to get to know Amber & the Millers.

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