Meet the Team: Chris Sinclair

Meet Chris Sinclair, BraveLove's Filmmaker, who lives in Dallas, Texas.

20220308-Bravelove-_BTS_-2265.jpgQ:  How did you first hear about BraveLove?
A:  I heard about BraveLove from a friend who had done some video work for them. We met to discuss new story opportunities, and did a first film about Stephanie and her daughter Bailey’s journey of adoption that spans generations. Through that filming and interviewing experience, the mission of BraveLove really crystalized for me, and made quite the impact.

Q:  How long have you been working with BraveLove?
A:  About six years now.

Q:  What’s your role with the organization?
A:  I serve as a documentary filmmaker, primarily as a Director and Producer, helping put a face to the amazing journeys of birth moms. I work with BraveLove staff to concept and shape potential story opportunities with different characters into finished BraveLove films.

IMG_0084_2.JPGQ:  What's one of your favorite parts of your job?
A:  Interviews. When we sit down to really listen to someone’s story, there’s a few questions I come in with, but it’s mostly just a natural conversation driven by curiosity. I try to create a space that feels safe and natural, because each person we interview is sharing some of the hardest, bravest moments of their life (with a stranger!) and being completely vulnerable to share that journey with us. The results are, yes, used in a film in a way that honors and reflects their story best to viewers. But like any other impactful conversation you might have with someone, it’s a special, shared moment that’s hard to forget.

Q:  Why do you care about this mission? 
A:  I’ve always admired people and organizations that highlight unsung heroes who are doing amazing, virtuous things away from the spotlight, when no one is looking. Birth moms are just that. When faced with often difficult or sudden choices, they choose a brave, often more difficult path to walk. But as many of the films reveal, that path is one that leads to greater strength, resilience, and an expanded family, which is a beautiful thing worth sharing.

Q:  What do you do for fun?
A:  Chase my three boys in the backyard. Perhaps escape on a gravel bike ride every now and then. Then traveling as a family when we get a chance.

Q:  What does life look like for you these days?
A:  Personally, I father three boys with my wife Kate here in Dallas, TX. They’re all at the fun and crazy ages of 6, 4 and 1. So there’s a lot of opportunity to practice and grow into the art of what is parenting. Work-wise, I enjoy creating a lot of films for various organizations and non-profits who focus on doing amazing work, both in short form and long form storytelling documentaries. So each day I’m corresponding with a team of producers, cinematographers and editors stationed both here in Dallas, and across the country, sometimes the globe, to push each story along towards a finish.

20231102-Bravelove-_Emmah_-1880_Low_Res.jpgQ:  I know you can’t pick a favorite story or film, but which one really stands out to you?
A:  Emmah was a special one. We were able to hear about her story early in her journey, AND despite going through it all in real-time, she said ‘yes’ to wanting to share that journey as well. We were able to capture a lot of special moments as they unfolded, from the six-month reunion with the adoptive family, to her high school homecoming game, to the moments her son begins to crawl.

Q:  What's in your Amazon cart right now? 
A:  Nothing! It’s amazing. The last thing I ordered though was a red elastic belt for my son’s t-ball uniform. Go Cardinals.

Q:  What are you reading right now? 
A:  The Coddling of the American Mind

Q:  Favorite TV show at the moment? 
A:  We only have time for a single Seinfeld in this season :)

Q:  Go-to coffee or tea order?
A:  Cold brew 

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