It was all for you

For my birth son,

A decision so selfless, a love so pure.

You were a gift from the Lord and a blessing for her.

As the days pass by quickly and as the seasons they change,

Her bond for you will always remain.

Things happen in life, we don't understand.

But she kept strong in her faith, and followed God's plan.

She handpicked your sweet mommy

and your silly daddy too.

She felt their compassion,

their unselfish love she needed for you.

She feels you in her arms,

as she rocks you In her dreams.

Her heart breaks to pieces,

but she did the right thing.

Sweet boy remember,

her love was genuine,

her love was true.

This wasn’t for her,

it's a mothers unselfish love,

it was all for you.

Love, Alyssa

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